Super Absorbent Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE


Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE

No More Wet Dog!

Introducing the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE!

Muddy paws, wet dog = damp car and mucky house? Not any more!

Get your hands on the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE and you’ll guarantee your doggie walks end as happily as they begin. 🐕

With their incredible absorbent qualities, SPh2ONGE products are brilliant for drying and mopping up spillages – and this Pet Towel is the perfect quick dry solution for your damp dog or pet!

The Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE will also gentle remove any loose pet hair, and firmly hold it in its unique texture ready for easy disposal.

The 66x43cm sized Pet Towel By SPh2ONGE comes in a super stylish, practical charcoal grey and a handy storage tube. Perfect for popping in the car or bag, and ready to use when needed.

  • Absorbs up to ONE PINT of liquid
  • Handy Reusable storage tube
  • Stays pliable for TWO weeks
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees with other household cloths (no detergent/ short wash)

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Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE

Product is supplied wrapped up in and sealed in a plastic bag to keep it damp and protect it from drying out. We recommend that you give it a gentle wash before use (see instructions below).

The generous 66x43cm size will be suitable for all but the very largest dog.

Care Guide

Before First Use:
We recommend that you wash this product on its own as per the instructions below.

General Care:
Always rinse before and after use in warm water.

Can be machine washed at 30°C on its own, or can be washed with similar household cloths.

If your Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE dries out, DO NOT try and open it up or otherwise force apart. Simply immerse in warm water until it becomes pliable again.

Do not allow your Pet Towel to get in contact with hot water. Avoid any chemicals to avoid damage and/or colour loss.

Additional information

Weight 225 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7 × 24 cm


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