Rottweiler Glove Puppet


Rottweiler Glove Puppet is one of our range of fun hand puppets which will keep the whole family entertained. Classic to the breed. Mainly Black with golden brown paws, neck, lower half of muzzle and eyebrows.

Very realistic looking, they are extremely soft to the touch and very well made.

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Rottweiler Glove Puppet

Approx 12″ high.

Perfect family fun with this very realistic hand puppet.

An excellent gift – not just for the younger members of the family! These are very well made and lovely facsimiles of the breed they represent. They are great for those who are dog lovers and especially those who aren’t able to have an actual dog for whatever reason. No allergies or food bills with these.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 10 cm


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