Doog Tidy Bags – Dog Poo Bags Oxo-Biodegradable


Doog Tidy Bags – Dog Poo Bags Oxo-Biodegradable

3 packs of 20 Oxo-Biodegradable Poo Bags with D2W additive.

Insert them in your walkie belt, mini belt and treat pouch or just carry one around in your back pocket and never get caught out without poop bags again.

Scented, biodegradable with long handles for easy tying.

These Doog Tidy Bags are environmentally friendly. The D2W additive converts the plastic bags at the end of their useful life into material which is completely biodegradable.

It rots down like a leaf – only quicker, leaving no toxic residues, fragments of plastics or microplastics.

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Doog Tidy Bags – Dog Poo Bags Oxo-Biodegradable

The D2W additive contained in these Oxo-Biodegradable Poo Bags means they break down naturally in the environment.

These Poo Bags have handles for easy tying and are Strawberry scented to neutralise nasty odours.

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