The Doggie Boat
Doggie goodies for both ends of the lead!
The Doggie Boat trading on the canal

The Doggie Boat

nb Sola Gratia - the home of The Doggie Boat
nb Sola Gratia

An Independent Roving Trader on the Inland Waterways of England & Wales. As Continuous Cruisers, they do not have a base as such. However, they currently operate around the Midlands attending various waterways-based festivals and markets. The Doggie Boat also trades ad-hoc along the towpath when the boat, nb Sola Gratia, is moored up. Sales are complemented by a range of waterways-themed photographs, calendars and jigsaw puzzles by Tim Clarke Photography.

Previously run by Sandra Willis on nb Golden Boyz, in August 2019 Tracey & Tim Clarke purchased the stock and good name of The Doggie Boat, a well-established business. They continue to develop this and are increasing the range of products; many of which can be purchased online as well as direct from the boat.

Under the umbrella name of Paw Prints Alfoat, The Doggie Boat and Tim Clarke Photography are members of the Roving Canal Traders Association. The RCTA is a non-profit making organisation, which organises a number of floating markets across the country. These are a great opportunity to experience the wide diversity of crafts, trades, produce and products that can be purchased from the eclectic community of Roving Traders.