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The Healthy Benefits of Ostrich Bones

Ostrich Bones

Ostrich Bones

Ozzie and his new Ostrich Bone.
Ozzie licking his lips looking forward to starting his Ostrich Bone.

100% pure air-dried Ostrich thigh bone. Nothing added. Nothing (apart from moisture) taken away.

Long lasting ~ super healthy ~ teeth cleaning ~ highly digestible ~ super-low fat ~ hypoallergenic ~ safe crunchy munchy treat for dogs.

Ostrich is one of the ‘novel proteins’ recommended for dogs. This means that it is a protein not found in their usual food. Most dog foods are based around chicken and/or beef, or, in many cases ‘animal derivatives’ (let’s not go into detail on that very controversial subject – but basically, it usually means that the pet food is made from all the dodgy bits leftover after all the edibles have been removed by the normal butchery processes). Dogs can develop sensitivities and allergies to these regular proteins, leading to digestive problems, skin conditions and other issues. Continue reading The Healthy Benefits of Ostrich Bones