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Himalayan Yak Milk Chews for Dogs

Ozzie enjoying a Yak Milk Chew

Himalayan Yak Milk Chews

We at the Doggie Boat sell an extensive range of dog chews of various types. Popular examples are the Ostrich Crisps, Ostrich Knuckles, and ChewRoots to name but a few! But what about the Himalayan Yak Milk Chews?

Are Himalayan Yak Milk Chews good for dogs?

Yakity Yak Dog Chews

The short answer is YES! Yak Milk is very high in Protein, which means it is perfect for making chews. Traditionally, Yak Milk is boiled over a wood fire for a long time and stirred to thicken it. Then it has to dry over a period of several weeks.

The Protein and Calcium content is also good for dogs. Protein is a natural source of energy and Calcium can be beneficial to dogs with joint problems as it helps build bone structure.

Also great for puppies (we recommend from 12 weeks), as the Calcium is good for the bone and joint formation. Especially helpful for both pup and owner at teething time!

They are tough and therefore a great dental chew too. Although, we must qualify – if your dog is a greedy mega power chewer, a Yak Milk Chew may disappear in just a few bites! (If this does happen, don’t worry – it will be fully digested.)

Having said that, our Ozzie really savours his Yak Milk Chews, and even a small one will last him several days.

Ozzie savouring his Yak Milk Chew.
Ozzie savouring his Yak Milk Chew.

By definition, Yak Milk Chews originated in the hills of the Himalayas. Hence the full name of Himalayan Yak Milk Chew! The recipe contains only healthy and natural ingredients such as Cow and Yak Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. Quality products don’t have any artificial ingredients and are therefore completely safe for your dogs.

Note they also contain a tiny amount (less than 1%) of normal Cow’s Milk. Our supplier Green & Wild’s have explained to us that a small amount is needed to start off the process. It doesn’t work with just plain Yak Milk. The best quality Himalayan Yak Milk Chews only contain the small starter amount of Cow’s Milk.

Some products contain higher amounts of Cow’s Milk. This is not necessarily an issue – unless your dog has a Cow’s Milk intolerance or allergy. So if this is an issue to you or your dog, check the ingredients and, if in doubt, check with the retailer before you buy.

Yaks and Cows both belong to the Bovine family. However, their milk differs. For example, Yak Milk contains more:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Lactose
  • Essential Amino Acids (when milked in the warmer months)
  • Calcium and Iron

Levels of Phosphorus in the Milk are roughly the same.

As a natural product, the colour can vary significantly. Although frequently they tend to be burnt ochre, they can be a lighter – almost Cheddary hue, or a dark brown or even a rich red.

We currently stock two brands: the Green & Wild’s Yakkity Yak Milk Chews and WufWuf Chewerest Yak Chews, both of which follow the traditional original Himalayan recipe.

They are full of nutrients that your dog will not only enjoy, but also benefit from. Dogs need to chew, for several reasons: not least that it is a relaxing stress relief – something that can be very good for them after a period of exercise.

When your chew has been well savoured and you feel it is a bit too small for your pooch (eg risk of choking) – then simply pop it in the microwave for a few seconds! Watch as it then puffs up before your very eyes, let it cool down and then your dog can get even more enjoyment and nourishment from it. And nothing is wasted.

For dogs who are elderly or not good chewers, you can also purchase your Yak Milk Chews ready puffed! Green & Wild’s offer a choice of Puff Nuggets (for a smaller treat) and Puff Bars for something a little more substantial.

Like most dog treats, some dogs love them, others are less fussed. Some, like Ozzie, will savour them, others will devour them with no respect for the delicacy they are! A few may even turn their noses up at them.

Why are they so expensive?

Yak Milk Chews are a very popular dog treat, but they can be quite expensive, because they are made from the Milk of Yaks – a type of Cow native to Tibet and Nepal. They are uncommon out of these regions, which makes them rare – hence the seemingly high price and scarcity of the product.

A black Nepalese Yak against a snowy mountain backdrop.

Another consideration is that Yak Milk is only obtained during breeding seasons, unlike Cow’s Milk, which is harvested year round. This naturally means that Yak’s Milk is far more of a rarity.

Not mass produced like many dog treats, they are still made slowly by the traditional methods, which also makes them relatively more expensive. When we say slowly, we are talking several weeks for the drying process. This is a treat not to be rushed.

However, Yak Milk is very high in Protein, with a higher Fat content than Cow’s Milk. This not only makes it ideal for making Cheese and other dairy products, it makes these chews a very healthy and nutritious option for dogs.

Key Benefits

As a dog treat, they have lots going for them:

  • Completely digestible. Yak Milk Chews fully break down in your dog’s tummy.
  • Made from only natural ingredients. They are just pure Yaks Milk, with just a splash of Cow’s Milk, to which a touch of Lime and Salt is added (typically less than 0.1%) to aid the coagulation process and to act as a preservative.
  • No sharp edges or splinters.
  • Long lasting.
  • Smell free.
  • Stain free. No colours, no mess, no residue.
  • Entirely edible. Puff up the last piece in the microwave for a delicious new snack.


So yes, Yak Milk Chews are good for dogs, because they are a healthy, natural treat. High in Protein and low in Fat. Yak Milk Chews are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your dog’s coat and skin.

Our advice is to make sure you always have one in stock, letting your dog chew on it for a few minutes at a time. This means that your pet can enjoy it over a period of time rather than just in one sitting!

We always advise that you supervise your dog whenever they are enjoying treats, and that they have a supply of fresh water available. If they snap off a small piece – don’t throw it away, just pop it in the microwave until it puffs up. That way, apart from not wasting it, you now have a new treat for another occasion! Remember to let it cool before you give it to them, though.

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