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Green & Wild’s ChewRoots

3.67 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)



Green & Wilds ChewRoots are a sustainable natural wood dog chew. Harvested by hand, from tree roots in protected areas, to ensure there is no damage to the root system of the trees or forests.

Health Benefits: Natural Dental Chew. Health Benefits: Grain and Gluten Free. Health Benefits: Low Fat. Health Benefits: Hypoallergenic Health Benefits: Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.

Only the tuber of the root is harvested which then sprouts again, making them eco-sustainable.

They are limited to a responsible number each year.

  • Natural Toothbrush
  • Extremely Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • 100% Untreated

Suitable For All Sizes – Including Puppies

Size Guide

This is a natural product and the size selected should be chosen according to your dog’s weight as indicated in the guide below.

  • Extra Small: Under 5Kg
  • Small: 5-10kg
  • Medium: 11-25kg
  • Large: 26-40kg
  • Extra Large: Over 40Kg

Product of SpainProduct of Spain

Green and Wild's are accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation


Green & Wild’s ChewRoots

Green & Wilds ChewRoots are an eco-friendly dog chew that is long-lasting and durable to satisfy almost any dog. Similar to AncoRoots, they are adored by many dogs for the delicious taste and by their human owners for their completely natural properties and safety.

Cleans Teeth & Gums

The chewing action acts as a toothbrush, helping to remove tartar. Dogs love to chew and they will find these ChewRoots relaxing and enjoyable.

No Splinters

As your dog enjoys their ChewRoot it slowly ‘crumbles’ away. Unlike twigs and branches, they do not splinter or split.

Natural – No Chemicals

ChewRoots are a completely natural wooden chew which is unprocessed. It therefore provides a fantastic alternative to many other chemically treated dog chews.


These sustainable, natural dog chews are harvested by hand from tree roots in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the root system of the tree or forests. Only the tuber of the root is harvested which then sprouts again.

There is also a restriction on how much can be harvested per year to give plants time to replenish growth and sustain their lifecycle.

Natural Product

Because Green & Wilds ChewRoots are a natural product, every individual root varies in size and shape – they are all as temptingly chewy as each other though!

Who are they for?

Green & Wilds ChewRoots are suitable for all dogs including puppies.


  • 100% natural
  • Doesn’t splinter
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Natural dog chew toy
  • Acts as toothbrush to remove tartar

Please note: As always, we advise that you supervise your pet whilst enjoying this chew. Your dog should always have access to a ready supply and fresh water.

Analytical Constituents

Protein 1.18%, Fat 0.11%, Crude Fibre 66.67%, Ash 1.06%, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium.

What do these figures mean?

Terms and Conditions.

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Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

3 reviews for Green & Wild’s ChewRoots

  1. 5 out of 5

    Morna (verified owner)

    My 2 hunt the root out when they fancy a gnaw. No problem with splintering.

  2. 1 out of 5

    Ann Slide (verified owner)

    My 4 year old black Labrador only had this for a few minutes. She chewed off wicked, sharp splinters. I had to take it off her. If she had swallowed them, I think it would have been really dangerous. Wouldn’t buy again.
    I have been offered a refund and was told this isn’t normally an issue.

    • admin

      We are very sorry that you have had this unfortunate experience. These Chewroots are a natural product and, although they go through stringent checks, very occasionally this can happen. We always stress that your pet should be supervised with any chew (or toy, for that matter), as you clearly did.

  3. 5 out of 5

    lja069 (verified owner)

    We have 2 dogs – husky cross 12’ish years old and lab cross 6 years old. They have to be in the ‘mood’ but both love to gnaw at these for a bit and go back to them later – would highly recommend

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