Nutrition Info: Natural Dental Chew

natural dental chew

100% Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Health Benefits: Natural Dental Chew.Just the way nature intended.

  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • Nothing but 100% meat!

Dogs love to chew, but sometimes they chew the things they shouldn’t!

Whatever your needs, we have a natural dental chew to suit.

Your pet’s oral health is important to us and chewing is completely natural and the way your pooch keeps their teeth in the best condition.

Our range of wood chews are extremely long lasting and perfect for diverting attention from your furniture. They are also ideal for a puppy that is teething.

For general treats, then a healthy chew helps your pet to relax whilst cleaning their teeth (and saving you the job of brushing them for them).

They don’t even realise that they are getting rid of that nasty plaque and freshening their breath!

At The Doggie Boat we have sourced natural dental chews that are safe and healthy for your dog.