The Doggie Boat Location

nb Sola Gratia, the home of The Doggie Boat!
nb Sola Gratia.

The Doggie Boat is always available online for sales and open most of the day for telephone calls if you wish to discuss anything. When trading at a Festival, or a “pop-up”, this will be advertised on the website and Social Media in advance. The current location is shown below – please note that the boat may be cruising at the time, so the location will change.

If you want to buy direct if the Doggie Boat is in your area, then Tim & Tracey will be more than happy to oblige. However, it is always best to check first – just in case they move off before you get to them! So, if you want to visit at the current location, then just give them a ring first on 07736 009304.

Click here for a map of our current location