About Us: The Crew of The Doggie Boat

The Crew of The Doggie Boat consists of Tracey & Tim Clarke, who Continuously Cruise the Inland Waterways of Great Britain aboard their Narrow Boat Sola Gratia. They are based predominantly in the West Midlands, although can stray anywhere on the connected network! Follow us on Social Media to find out where we are trading. Don’t worry if we are not near you, as many of the items we sell can be purchased online.

The Doggie Boat Crew: Tracey Clarke.Tracey Clarke

The Doggie Specialist amongst the crew of the Doggie Boat. She grew up with a love of animals. As a teenager, she worked weekends at a local boarding kennels in Shoreham-by-Sea, as well as regularly walking a neighbour’s dog, although cats were family pets until recently. Along with her husband Tim, they bred and showed Guinea Pigs – having anywhere up to 150 at a time! She qualified as a Rodentologist, but had to give this up when her eyesight started to fail. She finally achieved her ambition of having her own dog – but in the unexpected form of Guide Dog Oakley! Sadly he has now retired, but we are now blessed with his replacement, Loki.

The Doggie Boat Crew: Tim Clarke.Tim Clarke

Keeps himself more on the admin side. He was not a dog lover – until Oakley changed all that! He looks after the online side of things, takes the promotional photographs, etc. Normally to be found beavering away at the computer. He also manages the online shop and accounts as well as taking care of all the outgoing orders. He has also taken a course on Dog Nutrition, to help us understand what all those figures mean that are on the food labels. Tim is steerer when we are on the move as well as chief dog walker for Ozzie – well, at least that keeps him fit.

The Doggie Boat Crew: Ozzie Clarke.Ozzie Clarke

Chief Product Tester for the crew of the Doggie Boat. The bossiest member of the crew, he is a rescue Pug x Chinese Crested. He has made himself very much at home and enjoys being the voice of The Doggie Boat and testing all the products – especially the Healthy Treats!

The Doggie Boat Crew: Loki Clarke.Loki Clarke

Power Tester for the crew of the Doggie Boat. The newest member, Loki has the power jaws needing for destructive testing! He is the eyes for Tracey and is more than happy to help Ozzie in testing all the products.

The Crew of the Doggie Boat