Nutrition Info: Low Fat

low fat

100% Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Health Benefits: Low Fat.Just the way nature intended.

  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • Nothing but 100% meat!

Our range of dog treats and chews are made of natural proteins making them the perfect guilt free treat for our four legged friends.

  • Low Fat = fat content is under 20%
  • Super Low Fat = fat content is under 10%.

Dogs need fat in their diets – in fact they need more than humans! This is what gives them their energy and helps keep their coats in best condition.

Of course, like humans, they can suffer if they have too much fat. Therefore, the total content needs to be controlled as part of a balanced diet. If their main food is higher fat, then treats need to be kept lower. With a leaner diet, then higher fat treats can be of benefit – especially to help with training and/or recall.

So whether your pooch is on a low fat diet, or simply wanting a healthier snack, look for this symbol. Treats packed full of flavour with none of the guilt!

At The Doggie Boat we have sourced 100% pure meat treats with natural fats that are healthy for your dog.