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The Healthy Benefits of Ostrich Bones

Ostrich Bones

Ostrich Bones

Ozzie and his new Ostrich Bone.
Ozzie licking his lips looking forward to starting his Ostrich Bone.

100% pure air-dried Ostrich thigh bone. Nothing added. Nothing (apart from moisture) taken away.

Long lasting ~ super healthy ~ teeth cleaning ~ highly digestible ~ super-low fat ~ hypoallergenic ~ safe crunchy munchy treat for dogs.

Ostrich is one of the ‘novel proteins’ recommended for dogs. This means that it is a protein not found in their usual food. Most dog foods are based around chicken and/or beef, or, in many cases ‘animal derivatives’ (let’s not go into detail on that very controversial subject – but basically, it usually means that the pet food is made from all the dodgy bits leftover after all the edibles have been removed by the normal butchery processes). Dogs can develop sensitivities and allergies to these regular proteins, leading to digestive problems, skin conditions and other issues.

Our Ostrich Bones are pure and simple; air dried responsibly sourced thigh bone of an Ostrich – just dried. That is it! Pure, clean, healthy, natural gnawing satisfaction for your faithful hound.

The structure of Ostrich Bones is unlike marrowbones such as the beef ones we might get from a butcher. Instead of gooey marrow inside, the ostrich bone has a hollow honeycomb centre. The bone itself does not splinter or break into sharp shards at all. As the dog gnaws on it, it crumbles into completely safe and highly digestible grit-like particles. No smell, no grease, no goo, no going ‘off’. It will last as long as your dog takes to munch through it, and you can safely allow him/her to munch down to the very last morsel.

The Ostrich Bone showing the honeycombed centre.
Ostrich Bones have a honeycombed centre.

The gnawing action on Ostrich Bones that a dog loves is perfect for cleaning teeth. It naturally removes plaque and tartar and helps to keep teeth and gums healthy and breath fresh. As it goes through the digestive system, it also naturally cleanses the intestines and bulks out the poop in a natural and very beneficial way. (Sorry to raise this subject but it is so important in doggieworld!). The bulking and firming of the faeces has the necessary effect of squeezing the anal glands as your dog passes poop, thus relieving impacted glands and so avoiding the need for that very unpleasant procedure from the vet or groomer.

As with any treat, it is important to supervise your dog whilst munching. Most dogs will find these bones a good long-lasting and very satisfying chew. Of course, every dog is different and there will always be the super-power-chewers who manage to devour a bone in record time. However, the Ostrich Bones should still have all the other benefits – just not so long-lasting for these individuals. You may also wish to restrict the length of time your dog has access to the bone in order to make it last a bit longer!

You can buy one (or more!) of these super healthy Ostrich Bones from our shop by clicking here. They are also available in our Bumper Box deals, which include other items from our Ostrich range.

For a little bit more independent reading on giving bones to dogs, see this article.

Ozzie’s Opinion

Ozzie and Ostrich Bone showing the Honeycombed Centre.
Ozzie and Ostrich Bone showing the Honeycombed Centre.

“I is doing my very bestest to devour this yummy scrummy munchybone. I has been working hard on it every day for nearly 6 weeks and it’s still going strong. I might be only a little wooflet, but I has powerful gnashers and I takes my gnawing very seriously. I WILL defeat this bone but it’s going to take a bit more hard work yet. That’s not a complaint; I loves my job as Chief Product Tester. It’s a tough job but it has to be done!”

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