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Highland Breeze Cairn Terrier Air Freshener HB010


Cairn Terrier Air Freshener

This hanging air freshener is perfect for use in boats, cars, homes or offices.

You feel better when the air smells fresh. The “Highland Breeze” fragrance brings the outside in!

This air freshener brings a gentle freshness without being over-powering.

With a beautiful picture of your favourite breed of dog on it, what better way to improve your day! The attractive image will remind you of your pooch even when they’re not with you.

Comes complete with a centre-punched hole with golden hanging thread.

A beautiful image of your favourite breed on both sides.

Highland Breeze fragrance – bringing a breath of fresh air.

Size: 14″ x 10″ (355 x 255mm) approx

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Cairn Terrier Air Freshener

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Brisk and clean smell
  • Ideal for the boat, office, car or home

Allow to hang freely, avoiding contact with painted, varnished or vinyl surfaces.

Do not hang in a car where it may obstruct your vision when driving.

Terms and Conditions.

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