• Stars on Red Small Bandana

Stars on Red Small Bandana (44cm x 22cm)


Stars on Red Small Bandana

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Handmade with love for the most fashion conscious Pups and Dogs!

Stars on Red Small Bandana
Small white five-pointed stars on a red background.

Dress your dog up for any occasion! Smart and fun – your pooch will stand out in the crowd. We recommend that you do not leave your dog unsupervised whilst wearing a bandana.

Hand-made in the UK from polycotton fabric for softness. Hand washable with care.

Approx 17″ (44cm) x 8.75″ (22cm). Suitable for small dogs with a neck circumference up to 12″ (30cm).

How to fit your dog’s bandana
Simply tie around your dog’s neck. No buckles or fasteners to worry about. Roll edge over to adjust size if desired. Please ensure that you can fit two fingers under the bandana, as you would with your dog’s collar.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × .5 cm


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