Wahl Grooming Glove


Wahl Grooming Glove

The Wahl Grooming Glove is a mitten-style curry comb with gentle rubber bristles of varying sizes to help remove shed hair. Mesh reverse side for easy cleaning.

Perfect for short-haired breeds, but also suitable for long-hair too – both cats and dogs.

  • Lifts dead hair from the coat and stimulates the skin
  • Velcro strap ensures good fit, whatever your hand size
  • Can help you collect loose fur from furniture, carpets etc
  • Left or right handed use

By using this glove, your pet enjoys a loving fuss, whilst you give them an all important groom. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to inspect their coat and skin.

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Wahl Grooming Glove

Groom and stroke your pet at the same time with the Wahl Grooming Glove.

This grooming mitt is suitable for both cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. It can be used on long, short, wiry, curly, smooth and double-coated animals. It has been designed with a velcro strap and therefore, fits various sized wrists. Ultimately, the ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable

This grooming tool enables you to groom and stroke your pet at the same time and provides a calming experience, massaging your pet whilst completing a groom.

The flexible rubber bristles penetrate the coat for complete grooming and massaging. The soft bristles de-shed your pet’s hair and effectively remove loose fur and dirt easily. Also, it helps you to collect loose fur from furniture, sofa, carpets and more.

Simply wish the grooming mitten with soap and water and letting it air dry ensuring you and your pet hygienic use every time.

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The importance of grooming your dog.

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