Coco Jojo Cooling Mat (4 Sizes)


Coco Jojo Cooling Mat

Fast effective cooling solution for your pet.

Simple and easy way to keep your pet cool during the hot weather,

  • Perfect for use after exercise on hot days
  • Self cooling and requires no additional chilling or water
  • The Pet Cooling Mat cools down as soon as your pet sits on it, providing instant relief
  • Great for dogs and cats
  • Easy clean and non-toxic material
Small 40x50cm approx
Medium 50x65cm approx
Large 50x90cm approx
Extra Large 70x90cm approx

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Coco Jojo Cooling Mat

A clever and efficient way to ensure your dog is kept cool and comfortable in warm weather. Perfect to use on its own, or on top of your pet’s normal bed.

The mat uses heat absorbent gel to cool your dog. The cooling effect of the mat will last several hours, without relying on being cooled in the fridge or charged.

This mat provides instant and long-lasting relief for dogs who become uncomfortable and at risk in warm weather.

The Coco Jojo Cooling Mat at is waterproof, and can be wiped-clean.

Important: Please do not allow your dog to mouth or scratch the mat. Familiarise yourself with all instructions before use.

This item is supplied with packaging that is widely recycled.

Keeping your dog cool.

Terms and Conditions.

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Coco Jojo Cooling Mat (4 Sizes) 1
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Additional information

Weight 3600 g
Dimensions 26.5 × 23.5 × 10.5 cm

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


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