Cavalier Tri-Colour Creative Craft Stickers CS005


Cavalier Tri-Colour Creative Craft Stickers

The Tri-colour has, unsurprisingly, three colours! Black, white with some chestnut, ruby colouring. The latter particularly above the eyes. Like the Blenheim, the Tri-colour cavalier has a white blaze on the head.

These Cavalier Tri-colour Creative Craft stickers capture the lovable yet regal nature of these little dogs excellently.

Bring out the designer in you with these Cavalier Tri-Colour Creative Craft Stickers!

Over 50 self adhesive stickers in each pack.

Ideal for both children and adults.

They consist of a mixture of photographs and extremely realistic drawings and cartoons, which will look good on anything you choose to embellish with them.

As well as an extensive range of breed specific craft stickers, we also stock a complementary generic range too.

These creative craft stickers can be used for decorating greetings cards, envelopes, scrap books and much more. Enjoy seeing your own ideas come to life as you have fun.

These breed-specific packs come with a number of images of the dogs, along with bones, paw prints and hearts.

The small icon stickers are printed in shiny gold foil.

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Cavalier Tri-Colour Creative Craft Stickers

Want some ideas? Take a look at this guide to making your own craft cards.

Size: 266mm x 100mm

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