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Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag


Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag

4mm thick neoprene with textured rubber outer so water runs off and dirt can be wiped off.

The Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag comes with strong carabiner, belt loop and velcro loop for a variety of carrying options.

Lightweight and soft with Odour proof seals and seams.

Washable in 30 degree machine wash.

Can store any type or style of pick up bag in lid.

Your Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag can attach to any type of lead, dog harness, running belt, bag or to your belt loops.

Matching treat bags and walking bags are available.

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Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag

This version of our bags has a textured rubber outer which means water will run off of the outside of the Dicky Bag. The Double lined version has a thin layer of polyester on the outside which will get wet in the rain. The Neoskin neoprene is more expensive than the double lined neoprene and is why you will see a price difference between the two types of bags.

Being made from 4mm thick neoprene all of our Dicky Bags are waterproof (in that water is prevented from getting inside the bag) however water will run off the outside of the Neoskin bags but make the outer layer of the Double lined bags wet.

All of our bags are made from top quality genuine neoprene and is why they work so well. They are all hand made in Lostwithiel, Cornwall by skilled workers who have clocked up years of experience working with this specialist material. They are all made the same way so no style of bag will work any better than another, the difference in cost comes down to the expense of a the base material.

All of our Dicky Bags are glued and blind stitched to keep the integrity of the seams making the bags waterproof and odour proof. On double lined and designer styles you will see the stitch line on the outside of the bags and glue lines on the inside; on Neoskin bags you will see the stitch line on the inside and the glue line on the outside.

If your Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag gets dirty you can wash the bag in a machine on a cool 30 degree wash.

We recommend removing all the loose items such as the carabiner and one wrap Velcro and turning the bottom section of the bag only inside out. When washed hang up and air dry. To keep your bag from taking on any unpleasant odours make sure that you replace the air freshener when required and wash when necessary.

Our bags are extremely tough and durable and are designed to be used on every dog walk you go on and if treated correctly will last you for years and years.

To prolong the life of your Red Neo-Skin Dicky Bag, we advise you clean and lubricate the zip regularly as you are using the bag outside in all weathers and conditions and small particles of dirt, grit, salt etc can easily get caught in the teeth and can result in zip damage

The top section of the Black Neo-Skin Dicky Bag is the clean storage pocket. It is designed to accommodate any style of pick up bag including rolls or flat packs. The storage area is big enough to store 2 rolls.


Height is the total height of the bag, which is divided into the bottom (where you store used bags) and top (where you keep your new bags).

Size Height Bottom Top Diameter
Extra Small 10cm 6.5cm 3.5cm 8cm
Small 12.5cm 9cm 3.5cm 8cm
Medium 12.5cm 9cm 3.5cm 10cm
Large 16cm 10.5cm 5.5cm 10cm
Extra Large 18cm 12.5cm 5.5cm 11cm

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