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Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag


Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag

4mm thick neoprene rubber with thin polyester covering on both sides which will get damp in wet weather but inside the bag stays dry.

Comes with strong carabiner and belt loop for a variety of carrying options.

Lightweight and soft, keeps your treats safe but easily accessible.

Washable in 30 degree machine wash.

This Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag can attach to any type of lead, running belt, bag or to your belt loops.

Matching poo bag dispensers are available.

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Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag

This version of our bags has a textured rubber outer which means water will run off of the outside of the Treat Bag. The Double lined version has a thin layer of polyester on the outside which will get wet in the rain. The Neoskin neoprene is more expensive than the Double lined neoprene and is why you will see a price difference between the two types of bags.

Being made from 4mm thick neoprene all of our Treat Bags are waterproof (in that water is prevented from getting inside the bag) however water will run off the outside of the Neoskin bags but make the outer layer of the Double lined bags wet.

Crafted from top quality neoprene and made in a specialist neoprene factory in Cornwall, the Duck Soup treat bag is one of the best performing treat bags available. Designed carefully it is adaptable to be used in all forms of dog (or horse) training.

This innovative Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag is simultaneously open and closed providing instant treat access with no spills, giving better results with your dog training.

The key to effective reward based training is efficiency of treat delivery; our treat bag has the fastest treat retrieval and is the most adaptable to any situation.

Simple, yet effective, the award winning design (winner of best pet accessory and best overall new product Glee 2019) makes our treat bag the most universally adaptable treat bag on the market.

The quality carbineer will fit over any waistband or onto a pocket and sit flat against your body, or you can use it to attach the treat bag to your lead handle.

Alternatively, if you are taking part in a fast moving dog sport like agility or cani-cross, we suggest you slide it onto a belt so the treat bag barely moves.

For those who don’t want the treats to be noticeable, or if you are training in the depths of winter, you can pop the treat bag into any pocket without slowing down your treat delivery.

The bag doesn’t collapse and you can still access the treats through the opening whilst it’s in your pocket.

This Green Neo-Skin Treat Bag has been particularly popular with owners of assistance dogs as the soft, easy access to treats is perfect for those with reduced mobility and with the addition of a piece of Velcro one-wrap (sold separately) the bag can also be adapted to fit on to wheelchairs, scooters and walking aids

The particular 4mm thick neoprene we use means the non-spill, quick access lid retains its shape and the grease and smell of treats can’t penetrate through the material plus neoprene is machine washable so you can keep your treat bag fresh and free from bacteria.

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