• 5060849870801 WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy "Cat-O-Lantern"
  • 5060849870801 WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy "Cat-O-Lantern"
  • 5060849870801 WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy "Cat-O-Lantern"

WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy


WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy

Delightful plush toy with crinkle.

The spookiest theme of the year was combined with the fluffiest fabric and catnip to make this cute cat toy. Crinkly fabric is designed to grab your cat’s attention while the hidden catnip works its magic to keep your cat engaged with the toy.

Also suitable for small dogs!

Perfect for playtime as well as cuddle during scary movies, this pumpkin plush toy is there to be your kitten’s new best friend!

  • Black-orange Halloween themed colour.
  • Catnip included inside
  • Soft plush fabric with crinkle.
  • 9 cm Diameter

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WufWuf Pumpkin Cat Toy

Your furry companion is guaranteed to be thoroughly delighted and entertained while playing with the Pumpkin Cat Toy. This engaging toy will provide your cat with hours of fun, keeping them stimulated and happy.
Sturdy and long-lasting!

Crafted from top-notch materials, this toy is built to withstand even the most rambunctious playtime, ensuring that your cat can enjoy it for a long time without any interruptions.

Beneficial for your cat’s health! Not only does the cute Halloween design provide entertainment, but it also mentally stimulates your cat, keeping their cognitive abilities sharp and improving their overall well-being.

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