Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens 1Kg


Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens

Dog Super Greens are a blend of the finest organic superfoods in equal balance. With this mix, your dog gets a powerhouse of nutrition unique in the marketplace.


  • 20% Organic Spirulina
  • 20% Organic Chlorella
  • 20% Organic Wheatgrass
  • 20% Organic Barleygrass
  • 20% Organic Kelp

Whether you choose to feed your dog RAW, wet, kibble – or anything else, Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens is a feeding supplement which will give your dog a nutritional edge.

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Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens


Small Dogs: 1 gram of Dog Super Greens per day
Medium Sized Dogs: 2 grams of Dog Super Greens per day
Large Dogs: 3 grams of Dog Super Greens per day
Giant Dogs: 4-6 grams of Dog Super Greens per day

Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens contains the following premium quality ingredients:

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a microscopic algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil. It contains the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food, plant, grain or herb. Its the highest protein food – over 60% all digestible vegetable protein. It has the highest concentration of beta carotene, vitamin B-12, iron and trace minerals and the rare essential fatty acid GLA. (Gamma-linolenic acid)

Spirulina Nutrition
Spirulina contains a number of unique phytonutrients like phycocyanin, polysaccharides and sulfolipids that enhance the immune system, possibly reducing the risk of infection, cancer and autoimmune disease. It is rich in natural carotenoid antioxidants that promote cellular health and reduce the risk of cancer. It has cleansing chlorophyll which helps detoxify our bodies of ever present pollution.

Spirulina Benefits
Both test-tube studies and animal-based research suggest that spirulina may help to:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve gastrointestinal health
  • Aid in detoxification
  • Reduce the rate of cancer
  • Help allergies

This makes the Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens a powerful supplement for your pooch.

Typical Analysis
Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g: Energy 309 kcal, 1306 KJ, Protein 56.6g, Fat 4.1g (of which saturates 1.3g, mono-saturates 1.5g, of which poly-unsaturates 1.4g), Carbohydrate 11.7g (of which Sugars 3.7g), Fibre 16.4g, Sodium 0.3g, Thiamin 100% RDA* 1.4 mg, Ridoflavin 431% RDA* 6.9 mg, Vitamin E 130% RDA* 13 mg, Niacin 32% RDA* 5.9 mg, Zinc 22% RDA* 3.3 mg, Iron 590% RDA* 82.7 mg, Chlorophyll 1179 mg, Linolenic Acid 940 mg, Phycocyanin 12800 mg

Organic Chlorella

Chlorella is a green algae food source richer in chlorophyll that any other food on the planet. When dried, chlorella is 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, and 5% fiber, making it a good potential source of protein.

One of the most powerful wholefoods known, Chlorella provides animals with a broad array of nutrients that your pet requires.

This is the powerhouse of nutritional supplements containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a VERY high level of Chlorphyll (one of the most effective cleansers and detoxifiers that nature offers). It also contains an ingredient called “chlorella growth factor” and highly rich in nucleic acids which aids aging and a weak immune system.

  • Chlorella is an excellent detox supplement
  • Great sources for vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants
  • Great supply of chlorophyll than any other source
  • Easy to digest
  • Most important for preventative health for all dogs
  • Rich in essential fatty acids

Organic Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a complete food in itself, containing all the essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals needed to support human life. This organic wheatgrass powder is a handy way to enjoy all the benefits that eating wheatgrass has to offer your pet.

Nutritionally, wheatgrass is a complete food that contains 98 of the 102 earth elements.

The high chlorophyll content allows increased red blood cell production and high blood oxygenation. Wheatgrass powder, derived from wheatgrass, is a natural detoxifier, and since millions of the world’s canines survive on shop-bought dry foods which may contain an occasional ingredient not necessarily beneficial to your hound, wheatgrass can be helpful in ridding your dogs body of the toxins it doesn’t need.

Wheatgrass is known to be helpful in digestion, and can also relieve constipation, which when prolonged can cause difficult or painful passing of faeces. A small amount of powdered wheatgrass added to a dog’s water bowl can help with hydration, and proper water consumption also reduces the possibility of constipation. Equally uncomfortable are issues of the bladder, which wheatgrass has also been shown to relieve.

Wheatgrass contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium and amino acids. All dogs need vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and while these are normally contained within a well-balanced food, vitamin deficiency can occur, especially as your dog ages. Wheatgrass powder is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid the geriatric dog with issues such as arthritis.


  • A complete food in itself
  • Essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals
  • Contains 98 of the 102 earth elements
  • High chlorophyll content
  • Natural detoxifier
  • Helpful in digestion
  • Relieve constipation
  • Contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium and amino acids
  • Anti-inflammatory properties including arthritis

You can see why the Wheatgrass is such a beneficial ingredient to Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens.

Typical Analysis
Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g: Energy 195 kcal 825 KJ, Protein 21.5g, Fat 2.4g (of which saturates 0.3g, mono-saturates 0.3g, of which poly-unsaturates 1.7g), Carbohydrate 21.8g (of which sugars 1.3g), Fibre 42.1g, Sodium 0.2g, Magnesium 45% RDA* 137mg, Zinc 12% RDA* 1.9mg

Organic Barley Grass

Barley Grass neutralises free-radicals, pesticides and preservatives, making it an ideal detox food. Along with the other cereal grasses in the same family, such as wheatgrass, it has been found to be one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature.

Barley grass has wide range of B vitamins, C, E and K and is rich in calcium, iron, copper, potassium, manganese and zinc, making it a great source of minerals. It also has very high living chlorophyll levels, shown to aid rebuilding red blood cells. Barley Grass has been used to alleviate various conditions including arthritis, inflammation, asthma, anaemia, hypertension, diabetes, blood clots, obesity, impotence and kidney problems in humans

Our organic barley grass powder is loaded with active enzymes that are often missing in today’s processed dog foods. Sprinkling Barley Grass on your dog’s food will not only enhance the taste, but will also enable more nutrients to be absorbed.


  • Neutralises free-radicals, pesticides and preservatives
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Great source of minerals
  • Very high living chlorophyll levels
  • Loaded with active enzymes

By giving your dog Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens daily, you can help make even the best dog food better!

Organic Kelp

Kelp is a recognized food supplement for humans. Now vets and advocates of an holistic approach to pet health recommend it for dogs and other animals. This seaweed is rich in natural salts and minerals, and it has a number of benefits for your dog’s health.

Thyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary Glands
Kelp is known for being iodine-rich. Thyroid problems are often associated with an iodine deficiency, and kelp as a natural source of iodine is a long-standing medical treatment for people with thyroid problems. The rich mix of iodine and other minerals in kelp makes it an ideal supplement to keep your pup’s entire glandular system, particularly the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, in healthy working order. This in turn ensures your dog’s metabolism works efficiently, which is an important element in maintaining a healthy weight. If your pet has hypothyroidism, where the thyroid function slows down, kelp is recommended as a supplement to the standard thyroxine treatment usually prescribed by vets.

Allergies and Fleas
Anything which helps flea control is good news for dog owners. Diane Stein, in her book “The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats,” says after three weeks of kelp supplementation there is a noticeable reduction in fleas on animals who have an infestation. This suggests that kelp repulses fleas and that using the supplement regularly is a useful addition to chemical flea treatments. Kelp also reduces itchiness in those dogs with skin allergies and improves the overall condition of your dog’s skin and coat.

General Health
Kelp also supports many of your dog’s other body functions. It cleanses the digestive system and keeps its juices balanced. Because it is high in iron it fortifies the blood, which then helps the heart to pump more efficiently. In older dogs especially it is recommended for strengthening the immune system, which can protect them from a range of diseases. Also, dogs on kelp supplements are thought to heal faster from surgery, because the amino acids in the seaweed support tissue repair. And it could help you and your dog to live longer. The Japanese have long maintained that eating seaweed is a source of their longevity.

The Kelp in Finer by Nature Dog Super Greens is super beneficial to your dog.

Typical Analysis

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